Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's meet at the Halloween Shows!

Hey all just a quick post to tell you that I have booked my trip to Ghoultide Gathering in Michigan this October!!

The hubster and I will be going. We will be arriving a few days early to take in the Detroit Zoo and other local goodies. If you are going and want to meet up before or after the show, definitely send me an email.

Also, I am working out the details for the Halloween and Vine show in Petaluma, Cali. I am not crazy about a 12 hour flight but hopefully a fully charged ipod and a handful of sleeping pills will get me through ;)

Any who, I will be booking a room (hotel undecided yet) with double beds and I am open to sharing with a blogger friend or trusted soul ;)

Any interest in meeting up and or being bunk mates send me an email at

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