Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Those who like it CREEPY!!

Found this today while searching Fangoria magazines site. SpookyTimeJingles is due to have a blip in Fangoria's next issue so I was looking around and found some awesome videos from the National Halloween Convention.

The below video was from an AWESOME display at the convention. Michael and I loved this group not just for their wicked good props but also b/c they were friendly guys, who LOVE what they do!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Proof The Handmade Movement Continues to Thrive!!

Buy Handmade!! WOOT-WOOT!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just got to share the goodness!

Halloween Convention 2009 STJ 029

I have returned from The National Halloween Convention in King of Prussia, Pa. The whole thing was amazing!! And boy could you see our booth when you walked down the center aisle!!

Halloween Convention 2009 STJ 043 was told time and time again that we had the BEST booth at the show!

Other vendors were coming up and saying the sweetest things. Many asked if they could put our STJ link on their site (ah-duh..YEAH!), One said he has been doing these shows for 20+ years and he has never seen any booth better than ours!!

Halloween Convention 2009 STJ 041

Halloween Tree, do you have yours?

The booth really was a visual feast for the eyes. The artwork sent by the STJ artisans was TOP-NOTCH!!

Halloween Convention 2009 STJ 035

Someone said they had never seen Halloween done like this! Another said, it is like Christmas in our booth, only it IS HALLOWEEN!!!

We sold and sold and sold! We had awesome packaging (Black bags with clear frosted polka dots that showed our orange tissue paper through it!) and you saw our bags being carried all over the convention floor!

Halloween Convention 2009 STJ 026

People were trying to find out "what is with the bags and where are they all coming from"?
To see bags click this link and look at the 2nd picture in the slideshow on the CBS website!

We were photographed and interviewed so many times. CBS 3 said "Wow, you guys are popular" after they came back a second time for more pictures. I could seriously go on for another 2 blog pages about all the wonderful stuff that happened for STJ this Easter weekend.

Halloween Convention 2009 (2) 006

Brandi of She's off Her Rocker
and her Hubster Jim drove all the way from North Carolina (11 hours) to be there and help! I am not only grateful for their help but for their friendship. We will be long time friends for sure!

Halloween Convention 2009 (2) 084 Halloween Convention 2009 (2) 082

And then suddenly it was all over ;(

To see all the pics from the convention click this link!

I hope to have inks to the interviews and more press photo's soon!!!

HUGE HUGS & THANKS to the STJ fans that drove out to see us and collect!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Featured on Artisan Challenge

Wow, I am just the queen blogger this week....3 posts in 7 days...just like the "good 'ole days" ;)

My 2009 Spring Bunny Piece is in a challenge!

I totally forgot it was chosen and I have done zip, zilch and zero to ask for help!

Please visit

and pick the Holiday piece you like best.
If that happens to be my Spring Bunny, then even better!

Shameless...I know ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please let me know!!

Ok my blogland friends.

Can I ask, beg, plead with you to PLEASE go to the SpookyTime Jingles Blog and let me know if you are going to the National Halloween Convention April 10th or 11th in King of Prussia, PA?

There is a poll up for you to choose your current status of attendance.

Many hugs for your continued support of all things sweet & spooky!

Halloween Convention Ad for STJ

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