Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art.......blah, blah, blah

This pic is a year old ..... I actually look different now but alas I am too lazy to pose for a new one. I have a love hate relationship with my digi-cam.

Hello I am Dani and I am an art addict! Buy or sell it doesn't matter as long as I am knee deep in it.

Now that being said, how am I going to get my art out there more? I just want to create and not deal with the marketing end of it. Can't I just click my heels 3 x and wish for it to happen? Must find my ruby slippers......
I must say I am loving etsy.com! It is so easy (compared to poo-bay, pay-bay, oh that is right it is called e-bay). Etsy fees are great and I can list so quick. My shop has had a dry spell over the last 8 days. Tis a bit depressing as I think I have listed some of my best Aceo's but these things go in cycles and I shall have to be patient and continue to create.
I LOVE any and all feedback. I never get upset over an honest opinion. Art is a very personal thing and I do not get upset over such things. So feel free to comment, suggest, critque, etc... as it can only help me see the full picture.
Come pay me a visit at http://www.ambitionsdesign.etsy.com/ or
on myspace and click pics to see some of my older pieces http://www.myspace.com/daniduckduckgoose

~happy creating~



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