Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloweenery at our 5th annual Party

Each year we really welcome the Halloween season. So much theatricality to enjoy! This year was our 5th annual costume party. Do to my heavy schedule traveling for Dior, we decided to not go as "crazy" with the haunting and decor as we usually do. Plus, with the impending storm, we didn't want to risk putting up the 20x20 "haunted house" tent to find it gone the next morn ;)

So, I opted to make sure we did a extra special mantle display this year since we would not be displaying so much of what we usually do. I took my collection of antique medicinal bottles, doll heads, scullery and etc... And concocted an eerie display that was illuminated with two 48 inch black lights. Two make certain elements really pop we opened a glow stick (with an awl) and dripped it into water. We then filled my antique bottle collection with various levels and amounts of the non toxic glow fluid.
Add a few plastic snakes, resin dental teeth, etc... and you have one kick ass display :)
With no big haunted tent this year, with a couch, settee, fireplace, dining table and chandeliers, we were worried it would be boring. So, we opted to copy a especially eerie decor tutorial we saw on Pinterest, to grasp our guests with fascination!

The fascination......are Alienesque orbs that swing and sway in the winds from Hurricane Sandy this past Saturday night.
Water filled balloons are inserted with glow sticks and then into long stockings that bob and dangle about from our crab apple tree.
The early winds of Sandy made for a brisk night. We all sat around the bonfire, noshing on goodies and reminiscing about good times gone by. I always enjoy a good old bonfire so much. It's one of those things that really gives me a smile.

Mike did find some time to put up a small goriesh display of zombies and their babies. Tombstones, rats eating a writhing-moaning man and our horse drawn carriage, all made for a fun place to peek for Halloweenery gone bad ;)

Our guests never disappoint us with their costume choices! Every year 2 or 3 guests show up early and fully disguised and do not speak a single word! This year a zombie roamed our back yard for over 30 minutes and when I went down to hang an orb in the tree he came out from behind it to get me! I loved every minute of it, thanks Rick and everyone who made for a fantastic Halloween party!

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